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Kansas City, MO 64111


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We originally met Kelsey, owner of Kay Bee Soap Co. at our shop after she donated a generous amount of pre loved prom dresses to Prom Project 2016! We made such a great connection with Kelsey and before we knew it Kay Bee Soap Co. was a Go Getter Consigner™ at Clothz Minded!

     Kay Bee Soap Co. uses all natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil and infused lye solution. Kay Bee Soap Co. is free of synthetic foaming agnts, detergents, alcohols, and chemicals! It aslo has natural exfoliants like quinoa, poppy seeds, oatmeal and coffee! So you can say adios to microbreads! Its vegan and its also locally made right here in Kansas City! Sounds to good to be true huh? To add to all these benifits the aroma of these natural little bars of soap is immediately intoxicating and you can find Kay Bee Soap Co. at Clothz Minded! If you would like to be considered for a Go Getter Pop Up Shop™ and or as a Go Getter Consigner™ then please contact Clothz Minded for additional information at 816.531.2655 #shoplocalkc