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 Do your clothes stink?

Uuuummmm NO! How rude! Ok so it wasn't rude, it's actually a great question! When we're selecting our inventory we...well...ok we're just going to say it! We smell the armpits of each garment so you don't have too! We also do not accept clothes that obviously need washed. Which means our clothes are smoke free and pet hair free! YUCK!


How do I sell my clothes at Clothz Minded?

First make an appointment! This way you're guaranteed to meet with our buyer. Sometimes our shop is busting at the seams with inventory and we may not be buying. So play it safe and call us at 816.531.2655 to schedule an appointment.


What kind of clothes will you buy from me?

We are looking for in season, in style and in excellent condition name brand and designer clothing and accessories for men and woman. To see a general list of the brands and designers that we buy sell and trade click here! We prefer your items be freshly laundered and nicely folded in a plastic tub or laundry basket. No trash bags please.  Smoke free and pet hair free is a must!


Will you pay me for my clothes on the spot?

YES! We pay on the spot! Occasionally we may offer a true consignment option on a high ticket designer item. In this case your payout will be larger. 

Does Clothz Minded offer layway?

YES! We now offer a 30 day Layway plan for individual designer items priced over $200. We also offer a Layway plan for purchase totaling $300 or more. In order to start a Layway plan a 25% non-refundable deposit is required which will be applied to your balance. Layway tickets that have not been paid in full  will be returned to stock after 32 days and your 25% deposit will be forfeited if approved arrangments are not made. Happy shoping!


What can I expect when shopping at Clothz Minded?

First and formost we are a small local Kansas City business and we invite all walks of life to our shop. Our boutique is aranged by category. For example our tops are arranged by sleevless, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. and then within each category we arange by color. We decided this works best for our shop beacuse all brands have a different idea when it comes to size. Our jeans and bottoms are arranged by size.     

What is your returns policy?

So Sorry, we have a no return policy.

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