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Julia Halie

Julia was first a Clothz Minded customer and over time the relationship grew into the Clothz Minded Shop Girl! We have enjoyed having her with us and love her eclectic funky style that she brings to Clothz Minded! Styling up our Clothz Minded Fashionistas is not the only talent Julia has! She's also a very talented vocalist! Make sure to check out her Instagram page to find out where she will be performing next! 

Nicole Ortega

    Nicole opened Clothz Minded in August of 201o with the vision of providing a boutique atmosphere for the stylish yet budget conscious shoppers. Though her vision of providing a curated collection of name brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories remains, her mission has pivoted. We live in a throw away culture filled with fast fashion! Matter of fact the fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. The oil industry being number one.  Since 2010 the sustainable living movement is gaining traction and consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Nicole says we as a culture are undoubtedly see the impact we have on the earth and Clothz Minded provides a well curated eco and budget friendly shopping experience. Nicole took her mission a step farther by only issuing a receipt via text or email, only using recycled paper shopping bags or reusable canvas bags and Clothz Minded only ships in biodegradable bags or boxes that we are reusing.  Over the last 10 years  it is estimated that Clothz Minded has saved over 100,ooo lbs of clothing, shoes and accessories from landfills. Nicole has over 25 years of retail experience that includes, sales, buying, marketing and management. While buying for Clothz Minded Nicole concentrates on quality over quantity and though she stays on top of the current trends and styles she loves timeless and classic basics that you can hold on to for years to come!

Christopher White


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