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Make A Statement With Your Summer Bag!

I don't know about you but I love summer and everything that comes with it! Well, I take that back I could do without the humidity and the mosquitoes but I love the hot sun on my skin, fresh watermelon, big brimmed sun hats, flip flops, bold prints and lots of color! I love mixing and matching prints in my summer wardrobe and I love summer accessories! Today I would like to share with you 3 summer bags that compliment everyones style!

If you favor a simplistic approach in your wardrobe this Neiman Marcus bag would be perfect for your summer outings. With its bold print and neutral colors this bag is a must have for summer! Its large enough to carry your bathing suit, beach towel and suntan oil with enough room for your keys, wallet and your favorite book!

Even though I love simplicity I'm also so in love with the texture and bright colors of Mexico. This hand made cross body with its embroidered flowers and rich color screams summer! In my book nothing says summer like the beauty of the rich culture of Mexico. The attention to detail and its functionality in this cross body qualifies this beauty for my list of summer must haves! I think every gal should have a great bag that makes a statement!

Scala is a summer favorite of mine. They have the best large brimmed sun hats but this time they caught my eye with this straw back pack! perfect for hands free shopping at your local farmers market! This back pack truly compliments every summer outfit! A straw accent piece is a must have in your summer wardrobe!

No matter if your style is minimalist or bohiemian chic I like to encourage everyone to find their personal style and remember quality over quantity and style over trend! Some of my most favorite pieces I've found in the most unexpected places, garage sales, thrift stores and second hand shops. Its truly amazing what you can find! On a different date I will share with you what to look for when shopping second hand!

Neiman Marcus over the shoulder bag $18.99

Floral Embroidered Cross Body from Mexico $14.99

Scala straw back pack $16.99

Featured bags can be found for a limited time at Clothz Minded, 4115 Pennsylvania Ave. Kansas City, MO

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