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I'm Having a Vintage Love Affair

What does vintage fashion mean to you? Does it look like banana clips and hyper color t-shirts? Does it mean bellbottoms and polyester? Or does it go back even farther than that? It seems like just about everything comes back for round two, some are better than others. The best is when you find that perfect piece that never goes out of style!

In 2010 I opened a Secondhand Collection Boutique in Kansas City called Clothz Minded located in the historic neighborhood of Westport. I chose the name Clothz Minded because it was my way of saying stay clothes minded without being closed minded to secondhand shopping! It was a fun and flirty way of saying, have your mind on clothes not necessarily where you find them. We specialize in recently issued name brand and designer clothing for men and women and we have some of the best sellers in Kansas City! I see brands anywhere from Banana Republic, J. Crew and Tory Burch to Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci! I never know what the day will bring and what will show up on my buying counter. Even though my shop does not specialize in vintage I've had a love affair with vintage for as long as I can remember I have developed an appreciation for timeless pieces that are always on trend and always in style!

I absolutely love when I come across a great vintage pair of shoes or boots and purses, especially vintage clutches! My vintage clutch collection continues to grow! I just can't help myself! It's exciting to know that you'll never find something like that again nor will the person sitting across from you on the light rail be wearing the same thing. It's even better when that person ask you "where did you find that unique piece" and it's even better when you tell them you thrifted it for a few dollars!

Dressing head to toe in vintage would probably be an overload for most including myself but mixing in an awesome vintage find is always a yes!

It's an adventure everyday running this little shop if mine but I love to get out and about and search vintage shops thrift stores and estate sales. We also have some really great vintage shops right here in the Westport neighborhood in Kansas City. One of my favorite vintage shops is Wonderland. I send everyone to Andy, the owner of Wonderland. In my opinion Andy is an expert when it comes to vintage fashion and his shop is a true representation of his love of vintage and his knowledge. If you haven't made it by Wonderland put it on your to do list for next weekend! You will not be disappointed and I know you'll enjoy his fun and creative window displays. He truly is a master of his craft!

The details and craftsmanship of vintage is great! However sometimes you may find an on trend pair of shoes that need a little love and new sole. Do not give up on them! I'm here to tell you there is still hope! I take all of my shoes from my closet and for my shop to Renner's on the Country Club Plaza. I've always been beyond satisfied with their work and their prices. I always find it important to find a great cobbler and Renner's is it! I just reminded my self that I have a pair of heels that need a new heel cap!

It's exciting when you venture to a new city and you can pick up on the style of the people within the area by what you are seeing in their thrift shops. I love finding thrift stores in little towns and finding that perfectly designed beaded vintage clutch or that awesome neutral block heel pair of heels. Which by they way are on trend for Spring and Summer 2017! Its that one of a kind find that makes my heart flutter! Summer is right around the corner and that also means garage sale time! I'm super excited about crisp mornings, lattes and bargain hunting! I guess it's woman's trash is another woman's treasure! What's your favorite vintage find and where did you find it?

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